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Heaveyweight contender and preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ







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Information about Earthquake Kelley:
1 - Father attempted to abort him and abortion failed.
2 - was raised up by his father to be a Voo-Doo Priest,
mother intervened with prayer
3 - Ex-Dope Dealer, used drugs at age 4
4 - Street fighter (New York) turned Pro Boxer
5 - Saved in 1971 after a trip to hell.  Raised from the dead
6 - Called to preach the gospel in 1978
7 - Healed of cancer twice
8 - Fought in the 1984 Olympics
9 - Turned Pro
10 - Ministers world-wide - China, London, Pakistan, Haiti and
has pioneered 5 Churches in other countries
11 - Married to Selena for 23 years, has 7 children, one son, Scott,
was killed in 1998 in Watts, California, due to a car
12 - Earthquake is Pastoring in Hollywood, California

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