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God has been pouring out the Holy Spirit upon each and every Service and we will keep having this revival until the Holy Spirit says to stop. We have seen too many proofs and manifestations now to do otherwise. We have a young man who was a gang-banger and drug dealer saved, delivered and filled with the Holy Spirit. We have seen lives changed including our own in such a way we never thought possible! This revival has been even more than we ever expected or dreamed of. At least 4 to 7 Churches have been represented on their off Service nights and denominational, Ethnic and Status barriers have been broken down. It's just been amazing. We do not take this lightly. We understand that God gets ALL of the glory. That's why we have seven preachers. It's not a one man show anymore. We have prayed long and hard for this.

1616 E. Hancock
(off of Peak Blvd., between S. York St. and Gulick St.)
Muskogee, Oklahoma
(918) 360-7274 or Text at (918) 360-2089

When you’re at home, you can find inspirational programming on DISHNetwork tv with channels like CTN, the Church Channel, Sky Angel, Daystar Network, and the Eternal World Television Network, with thanks to TV savings from Internet Lion.


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