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"Make Me Like Jesus"
Never before has God given a prayer to us
that He will honor as sinners mouth these words.

"Make Me Like Jesus"
Faia A'u Pei O Iesu"
(American Samoa)
"Hasme Como 
Cristo Jesus"
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Let the little children come unto me!
What is, Make Me Like Jesus
As Bishop Charley Ford, Senior Pastor of God's Powerhouse Christian Center, in
Muskogee, Oklahoma, was seeking the Lord about how to reach out to souls, God revealed the words "Make Me Like Jesus"  (M.M.L.J.)  to him.  God said that by putting these words on a shirt, etc. that these words when read by anyone creates an immediate response from God and Spiritual Warfare starts immediately for that soul.  He told Bishop Ford that it is a prayer that a person is speaking forth to the Heavenly Father to make them more like His Son, Jesus Christ.  Remember, that death and life is in the power of the tongue. (Proverbs 18:21)
     God told Bishop Ford to "Take it to the world, for untold millions will be saved by it."  Bishop Ford didn't understand why He didn't give the prayer, "Make me Like Jesus," to Benny Hinn, or someone who could have access to a greater audience.  But the Lord told him that he was the one chosen to begin this, and to just "Watch, and see what I will do with it."
    It has been five years since the prayer "Make me like Jesus" was given to him by God. We have seen so many lives touched and changed through many testimonies sent in to us and we would love to share with you, as people have purchased shirts, hats, license plates, bumper stickers, jewelry and many other items now available bearing this four word prayer, Make Me Like Jesus.  When you purchase an item, wherever you are, you have a large part in souls being saved.  (1 Corinthians 3:8)

Ways to help spread this four word prayer, "Make Me Like Jesus"
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