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What Bishop Ford did not know was all of the other things this prayer would
give God permission to do, like healings, blessings, marriages restored.
Here are just a few of the testimonies sent in...
   We ministered one night and the Pastor caught the
revelation of what M.M.L.J. really  means to God.
   I've received several phone calls of how his
church is growing, and giving has increased
over 100%, and the people are fired up!
Port Orchard, Washington
While in revival I shared how God
had given me M.M.L.J. to take to the world
 through our Ministry (Bishop Charley & BJ Ford).
A lady named Anna bought four shirts for her children.
Two nights later her teenage son and his girlfriend
came to see her at church for some spending money.  God
touched their hearts, and a few nights later they both
came back to revival and both gave their hearts to Jesus.
Fort Gibson, Oklahoma
My wife was sent back to the Nursing Home for
several illnesses.  I put an M.M.L.J. bracelet on her and
she is now eating again and steadily improving.  Three other
patients saw such a miracle and they had me get them
bracelets too.
- Rev. J.C. Bray
Medford, Oregon
I stopped at the Toll Booth on the Turnpike and had
laid my M.M.L.J. cap on the dash.  The lady Toll Booth
Attendant saw it and began to share how much she needed
Jesus in her life.  I was able to witness to her and the Lord did
not allow any autos to drive up and force me to drive on.
I am totally sold on M.M.L.J. Ministry.
- Pastor Glenn Tucker
Muskogee, Oklahoma
The first time I ever came to God's Powerhouse Christian
Center, Pastor BJ was doing her Christmas program and she gave
me a 'gift' as a part of it.  Inside there was an M.M.L.J. ink pen. 
At the time my husband  and I were separated and having marital
problems.  God touched our lives and marriage through M.M.L.J..
We've been serving Jesus for over two years now.  When the
M.M.L.J. license plates and frames came out I had a tumor on the  
back of my head.  The doctors said they would have to remove it.  I
put the tag on my car the following week and my tumor was gone.
I needed no surgery.  I thank God for M.M.L.J.!  We are completely
sold out on M.M.L.J., and we are now making T-Shirts, Caps and other
items to spread this four word prayer!
- Chris Hall
Checotah, Oklahoma
 I just have to share this most precious testimony:
A little girl purchased an  M.M.L.J. shirt from us.  One day
while she was wearing it she went up to her uncle (who at that
time was a crank addict), and asked him, "Do you know what this
means?", pointing to the initials M.M.L.J. on the front of her
shirt.  He replied, "Yeah, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John."
A couple of days later he was born again.
Checotah, Oklahoma
Johnny, an in and out Christian bought an M.M.L.J. shirt,
wore it to town where two family members were selling drugs on
the street.  When they read the words, "Make Me Like Jesus",
something started happening...
Within three weeks both were converted.
Oktaha, Oklahoma
 Janice purchased an M.M.L.J. shirt for her mom.
Her mom had tumors and four months later doctors operated
for what they said was to remove cancerous tumors from her
abdomen and ovaries.  To their amazement and to God's glory,
they couldn't believe the Lab report:
Thank-You, Lord!!!
Compton, California
 In a Baptist Church five ladies purchased a M.M.L.J. shirt
each.  The pastor called me ten days later shouting:
Four of the ladies were healed of diabetes, and the fifth
lady gave her shirt to her unsaved husband, who seven days
later accepted Jesus.
Muskogee, Oklahoma
 Everywhere I go out in public, every time, people ask me,
"What does M.M.L.J. mean?"  And I turn around and can actually
hear them saying the words out loud, "Make Me Like Jesus".  It's so
awesome, the anointing these letters have.  Or else people will ask me,
"Where can I get one of these shirts?"   But the most exciting thing that
has happened was last fall when we were in Phoenix, Arizona, and it was
about 2:00 AM in the morning.  We stopped at at Convenience store where
a bunch of wild teenagers came into the store acting very loud, and obnoxious,
taking items off of the shelves, including scooters, and riding them
throughout the store.  We could tell that the cashier was becoming quite
concerned.  We were paying for our gas when one of the young men comes
up behind me and said, "Make Me Like Jesus.  What does that mean?"
I said, "Well, you just prayed a prayer to the Heavenly Father asking
Him to make you like His Son, Jesus Christ."  He said, "You mean I just
prayed?", as he hung his head, and they all began putting the scooters back
on the shelves and became so calm.
- Pastor BJ Ford
It has been prophesied by several other that 'W.W.J.D.' &
'Jabez's Prayer' were 'forerunners' for this message!
The Prophet, Bishop John Stanley, said, "Take them to Japan,
in English, and untold millions will come to Jesus Christ.  Take
boatloads to China, and untold millions will come to Jesus Christ"
September, 2000
The Prophet Hatfield said, "This is definitely from God.  It
must be world spread."
September, 2000
If you have a testimony to share about an experience with M.M.L.J.
please write or email us.

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